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Molten steel being poured in an industrial factory

Capture the spirit of innovation that helped build Atlanta

Bishop Steel Works is located in the heart of the area that helped build Atlanta.  The the soul of innovation still permeates the area in this booming innovation economy.

Originally part of the facilities that supported Gulf Oil and Atlantic Steel, today, a new generation of innovators are leading the way exploring new horizons.  The business community known as Bishop Steel Works is in the perfect location to capture that spirit and give today’s entrepreneurs the same sense of being part of the forging of the new Atlanta.

The Atlantic Steel Company and the industries that surrounded and supported it were a key part of the Atlanta skyline beginning in 1901.  Atlantic Steel was originally known as Atlanta Hoop Co. to make cotton bale tiles and barrel hoops. In 1951 the mighty mill was renamed Atlantic Steel and employed over 4,000 hardworking Atlantans.  For almost a century this location provided jobs for Atlanta residents and produced and deliver vital supplies throughout the South.

Black and white image of the internal working of Atlantic Steel from 1948

Atlantic Steel circa 1948

Entrance of Atlantic Steel in Atlanta Georgia

Entrance to Atlantic Steel Corporation

Nearly a century later, this area is a revitalized district, bustling with shopping, restaurants, living and working spaces for people like you who want to be a part of the emerging Atlanta lifestyle.  Over 2 billion in investment has created a very special area of our city. Being here honors the past and the people who made our city into the Atlanta we know today.

At Bishop Steel Works, we set out to create a community where you can still feel the creative urgency that belonged to the original workers here.   At the turn of the century, these were the people who poured everything into building a city, and a future.  The type of people who live and work in chic urban areas like West Midtown, home to Bishop Steel Works, are the ones who possess that same drive:  The creative economy.  The ones with eyes on the future with one foot planted firmly in the foundation of our past.


Welcome to your business home: Bishop Steel Works. 

At the intersection of history and innovation.